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How to remove your private information from public sites

I’m not paid nor was I solicited, but when I come across a valuable resource I want to share. This one provides a complete personal information and record removal from all possible sites and sources – including cached Google entries. You’ve probably seen the scam sites such as (see consumer complaints here and lawsuit of being a scam) and others that purport to have personal information about you. It may appear somewhat legit, but they are traps to get you to reveal personal information and buy their services, conveniently to remove the false information they have about you.

Privacy Duck handles removal by exclusively using a mixture of each site’s established removal procedures and legal demands. They are the only privacy firm to never outsource or contract the work, never display your info in a vulnerable “customer dashboard”, and never partner with other companies to offer deals that just result in more exposure of your info. Their goal is privacy: there’s no need to engage in high-risk behavior to get you there.

Here are some free resources to use at your discretion. Personally, I wouldn’t use the sites or request to have my information removed, simply because you’re submitting and verifying personal information, typically through insecure means to a company you know nothing about and how they will use that information.

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About Privacy Duck

How else do we differ from ReputationDefender, DeleteMe, SafeShepherd, and others? 1) From the first moment until the end of your service you can actually call and speak to the people handling your privacy with your questions and concerns – and get expert answers. 2) All of our services are good for you and one other person in your household (spouse, partner, parent, adult child, roommate). 3) We don’t cap how many of your name variations, prior addresses, or other prior data we’ll delete. Since even old information may be used to find you or for identity theft – why be satisfied with only partial removals? 4) We use expertly-trained, real people in our Los Angeles office to do the work – not scraping computer programs that miss items, new sites, or partial records. 5) We’re the only company to delete the cached records from Google after the page is gone – otherwise, they’d naturally linger (with your info) on Google’s search engine for weeks or months.

But how do we differ from In nearly every way – from business approach to ethics of data handling. For starters, they have and continue to sell and display your Personally Identifiable Information via (we caught them red-handed doing this on OneRep’s actual site). They are also based in the Eastern European country of Belarus, on the Russian border. Some things (like your privacy and information) don’t need to be handled and managed in Eastern Europe. See our Comparisons page for documented evidence of these claims.

The bottom line is this: PrivacyDuck is about Education, Growth, & Action. And that’s been our focus – under one company name – since November 2013. Visit them at

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