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New anti-facial recognition glasses protect users’ privacy from CCTV cameras

Facial recognition technology is being widely used, so it was about time when anti-facial recognition tech would come up with an inexpensive solution. Yes, the solution in the discussion is sunglasses and eyewear known as “Reflectacles” developed to protect users from facial recognition software, eyes of security cameras and protect their privacy with systems designed to invade their privacy without their knowledge.Reflectacles represents a revolutionary new concept in eyeglasses industry with the ability to protect you from being spied upon through security cameras and also to alert you while driving or biking at night. It is an exceptional product that can help you maintain optimal privacy by evading CCTV cameras installed at the roadsides and also to alert other drivers on the road when you are enjoying night-time biking adventure.

Reflectacles is the name given to the range of light-reflecting sunglasses and eyewear created by Scott Urban. Urban has utilized the most authentic reflective materials that are only used in high-class applications for creating Reflectacles.

It is worth noting that Reflectacles is not just for bikers to be noted by other drivers but it is also suitable for pedestrians. There are a few versions of the product and each is created with the high-quality retro-reflective material.

Such as Reflectacles Ghost has the ability to reflect both visible and infrared lights. This means, security cameras that work using infrared technology, which basically means a majority of such devices, will never capture your facial features when you are wearing Reflectacles Ghost. Therefore, you can term it as an anti-facial recognition device. Reflectacles Ghost can also reflect visible light, due to which drivers on the road will be able to notice you at once as soon as you enter the road no matter if you are walking or riding a bike. This model is available in just one color, grey.

Reflectacles Originals, on the other hand, can only reflect visible light and is available in seven different colors namely, Neon, Gold, Blue, Silver, Orange, Red and Green. Every color has the different reflective ability and according to reflective ability the order of the colors is as follows: Silver, Neon, Gold, Blue, Green, Orange, Red.

Reflectacles do not use batteries or light bulbs; they just bounce back the light into its source direction. This way, the frame of the product gets brightly illuminated without interrupting the experience of the user.

The sunglasses are created with solid blocks of clear cellulose acetate and CNC machining was utilized for constructing the product instead of the conventional plastic mold injection. There is a metal wire core that runs across the temple to make it sturdier and allowing full customization so that the glasses fit your face. You can change lenses as well with the presence of a machines groove within the frame. The lenses are UV coated and created from high-grade CR39 plastic. Every pair comes with slightly tinted Active lenses or darkly tinted Sunglass Lenses. You can remove and replace these lenses with your prescription lenses at any time

Currently, Scott has raised $22,096 for his project on Kickstarter and pledging for $28,000. If you want to back his project click here to check it out.


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