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Russia declares “state of war now exists”: orders “Masterchain” destruction of America

An apocalyptic sounding new report released in the Kremlin today by the Security Council (SC) affirms that a “state of war” now exists between the Federation and the United States—with all members, including President Putin, authorizing a Masterchain” counter attack against the Americans that, if fully successful, could see that nations entire economy destroyed by the end of October.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report (and as we warned about in our 23 July article New US Law To Remove Trump From Power And Declare War On Russia “Will Be Met By Force”), President Donald Trump, yesterday, was unable to withstand the “Deep State” forces arrayed against him, thus causing him to sign a new sanctions regime against Russia that specifically targets all of Russia’s major industries for destruction—and that Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev quickly responded to by grimly stating:

“The signing of new sanctions against Russia into law by the US president leads to several consequences. First, any hope of improving our relations with the new USadministration is over. Second, the US just declared a full-scale trade war on Russia. Third, the Trump administration demonstrated it is utterly powerless, and in the most humiliating manner transferred executive powers to Congress.

This shifts the alignment of forces in US political circles.

What does this mean for the U.S.? The American establishment completely outplayed Trump. The president is not happy with the new sanctions, but he could not avoid signing the new law.

The purpose of the new sanctions was to put Trump in his place. Their ultimate goal is to remove Trump from power. An incompetent player must be eliminated.

At the same time, the interests of American businesses were almost ignored. Politics rose above the pragmatic approach. Anti-Russian hysteria has turned into a key part of not only foreign (as has been the case many times), but also domestic US policy (this is recent).

The sanctions codified into law will now last for decades, unless some miracle occurs.”

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announces full scale trade war now exists between Russia and US

With the American “Deep State” now firmly in control of the United States, this report continues, President Putin’s orders, issued in late 2016, to “prepare for war” against the United States have now been accelerated—and none more fearful than “Operation Masterchain”.

Though the propaganda Western media focused exclusively on President Putin’s bomb shelter preparations, this report details, they failed to inform their peoples that Russia has the most extensive network of bomb shelters to protect against nuclear war the world has ever known—while the United States has no protection for its citizens as it doesn’t even spend any money on them.

In October 2016 when President Putin ordered these preparations for war, this report says, the Western propaganda media, also, failed to report to their peoples that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation had developed a “Masterchain” prototype and successfully made its first test transactions—and that is one of the most fearsome weapons of global economic warfare ever invented.

Managed by FinTech under the governance of the Central Bank of Russia, this report explains, the Federation has become the first nation in the world to digitalize its entire domestic and international economy under the “blockchain” distributed database system (the most important invention since the Internet itself)—and that Tunisia became, in January 2016, the first nation in the world to convert its currency into.

Though many in the world know about crypto currencies (such as Bitcoin and Tunisia’s eDinar), this report details, very few understand the staggering implications of its underlying “blockchain” infrastructure—that is the most secure method of transferring wealth (of all kinds) ever invented, is impervious to hacking and/or spying, and by the day is revolutionizing our entire planet.

With the United States placing its entire economic future under the full control of a vast global military structure, that requires continual conquest of other nations, and has wasted trillions-of-dollars of that nations wealth, this report continues, Russia, instead, invested its economic future in the “Blockchain Revolution—that is called “Masterchain” and whose crypto currency has been named “Gas.

Once fully operational, this report notes, “Masterchain” and “Gas” will provide to the world the most secure and secret method of transferring wealth history has ever known—and will be impervious to sanctions, spying and all Western interference.

As nearly all Western economists are warning that the American stock markets are heading for an October 2017 crash of epic proportions, this report says, President Putin has today ordered both “Masterchain” and “Gas” to “immediately prepare” for this global economic crisis offering “safety and security” to everyone seeking to protect their wealth and investments.

And with trillions-of-dollars flowing into “Masterchain” and “Gas”, this report explains, the United States will be unable to find any global liquidity to sustain itself—as it is already being crushed by its massive $19.9 trillion debt—that when distributed among its 326.7 million citizens, sees each of them owing their government a staggering $60,192 for each and every one of them.

Russia, however, this report continues, has never matched the warmongers in America and has kept defense spending at a fraction of what the US spends—thus allowing the Federation to have a miniscule national debt of only $157.9 billion—that can be paid off instantly from Russia’s $412 billion of savings—and whose 143 million citizens owe nothing—and all of whom live in a nation twice the size of the United States having a total national wealth of $75 trillion.

With the “Deep State” now firmly in control of the US Congress, this report warns, their bloodlust shows no signs of abating either as they are now, also, preparing several defense bills that would require their Department of Defense to violate the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with Russia through the development of medium-range missiles banned under the accord—with one of their top Democratic Party lawmakers, US Senator Ben Cardin, triumphantly declaring “We make the laws, not the President of the United States”.

And as President Trump just hours ago warned that relations between the US and Russia are at an all-time and very dangerous low, and his adding that the American people should blame the US Congress for this turn of events, this report concludes, his sudden announcement that he is going into seclusion for 17 days (beginning Friday) has raised further alarms among Security Council members wondering who exactly is now in control of the United States.


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