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A Russia-linked cyber-espionage group has hacked into the controls of more What is metadata, how is it used and why is it important? When we interact over more Mass surveillance is the subjection of a population or significant component of more There’s a good chance you were affected by the Equifax hack of 143 million more Facebook has the ability to spy on users in their homes and offices because more

Apple released news it uses Google’s cloud for iCloud

Apple recently updated its website and provides the first acknowledgment that it’s relying on Google’s public cloud for data storage for its iCloud services. Doesn’t that transparency give you the warm and fuzzies? I specifically use Apple be...

US authorities can access your iCloud data without a warrant

Cloud computing has really taken off in recent years as a cheap, flexible way for folks to store their documents and data. Apple’s iCloud service, for example, has garnered more than 250 million users in just a little over a year. But while we’re all b...

Security in the iCloud age

Editor’s note: Mat Honan has posted a full account of how hackers gained access to his accounts ...